A Strange Tale Of Jabberwockies, Evangelists, Icebergs And Physicists

One of the problems I have in critiquing Bumblin' Bobby's prattle, is that he is so bleedin' repetitive. I've spoken myself, in the past, of the value of a certain amount of repetition, but I do like to have some variety in my own posts; which is damned hard to achieve, when faced with the same old arguments, over and over again.

But I shall try, Gentle Reader, I shall try…

Oh, and by the way Bob, you're barred, as I told you some time back, from commenting at my main blog, but free to speak here. I mention this because you appear somewhat confused on the topic.

This is a two-in-one, Parte, Ye Firste being in reply to this load of old tosh.

What, asks the Pious Plagiarist Pamphleteer Plonker, is the common theme between these events?

1. The sinking of the Titanic – 1912
2. The attack on Pearl Harbour – 1941
3. The bombing of the King David Hotel – 1946
4. The death of Georgie Best – 2005

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Atheists, Please Dispose Of Chick Tracts In The Approved Manner

Bob's unhappy that someone he foisted a tract upon dropped it in disgust and walked off. Diddums.

If in the street, you're given a tract,
You have the choice to give it back
Or throw it in a rubbish-bin
Or roll it up with ganja in
Or hang it on the toilet wall
For use when nature makes a call
Or make an origami crane
Or a paper aeroplane
Or wedge a wobbly kitchen table
Or laugh at it, if you are able;
But throw it to the ground? Please, no!
Littering is wrong, you know.


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