A Strange Tale Of Jabberwockies, Evangelists, Icebergs And Physicists

One of the problems I have in critiquing Bumblin' Bobby's prattle, is that he is so bleedin' repetitive. I've spoken myself, in the past, of the value of a certain amount of repetition, but I do like to have some variety in my own posts; which is damned hard to achieve, when faced with the same old arguments, over and over again.

But I shall try, Gentle Reader, I shall try…

Oh, and by the way Bob, you're barred, as I told you some time back, from commenting at my main blog, but free to speak here. I mention this because you appear somewhat confused on the topic.

This is a two-in-one, Parte, Ye Firste being in reply to this load of old tosh.

What, asks the Pious Plagiarist Pamphleteer Plonker, is the common theme between these events?

1. The sinking of the Titanic – 1912
2. The attack on Pearl Harbour – 1941
3. The bombing of the King David Hotel – 1946
4. The death of Georgie Best – 2005

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In Which Bob Takes A Look At Those New-Fangled Talking Picture-Shows

Bob thinks that, 'The devil uses the film industry to spread his lies.'

I note from the national press that the film "Ouija", which is being shown on cinemas at the moment, is leading to a huge increase in people dabbling in the occult.

Hmm. Given the timing and Bob's known obsession with the site, I rather think he actually got this from The Freethinker but doesn't want to mention it as a source. I could be wrong, but it is rather notable that he generally doesn't like to name atheist sites and blogs, even when talking of them directly.

This will, in turn, lead to a corresponding increase in people being taken over by demonic forces and suffering all sorts of mental and physical troubles in their lives. Continue reading

Atheists, Please Dispose Of Chick Tracts In The Approved Manner

Bob's unhappy that someone he foisted a tract upon dropped it in disgust and walked off. Diddums.

If in the street, you're given a tract,
You have the choice to give it back
Or throw it in a rubbish-bin
Or roll it up with ganja in
Or hang it on the toilet wall
For use when nature makes a call
Or make an origami crane
Or a paper aeroplane
Or wedge a wobbly kitchen table
Or laugh at it, if you are able;
But throw it to the ground? Please, no!
Littering is wrong, you know.


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In Which We Find That Bob Is No Ian Paisley

You can't get to heaven in an old Ford Prefect,
But not 'cause the car's got a fault or a defect.
You can't get to heaven in a baked bean tin,
But not 'cause the tin's got baked beans in.
And you'll never roll to hell in a tractor-tyre,
But not 'cause the tyre gets stuck in the mire.
You'll never lose your soul in a gambling game,
But not 'cause winning wards off the flame.

This doggerel is horrible so here's an end,
And a reason my rhymes took a negative trend.
You'll never do the things I mention in that list
'cause souls and afterlives don't exist!

Ordinarily, Gentle Reader, I would not have unleashed the above mess upon your eyes. You are a refined, gentle, and cultured person (I know you are!) and do not deserve such ocular torture. Continue reading


It's time, once again, to address Bob Hutton's internet-ravings. Reading through his latest, it quickly becomes apparent that Bob's not a student of logic. Nor is he particularly adept at making clear, concise points. The whole post is a mess of half-expressed ideas, paradoxes and misreadings or misrepresentations of his source material; the Bible. And none of it, once you pick out the various strands is new. In fact it's not even new to this blog or to my main blog, where all of the points discussed have been dissected before.

Still an' all, let's go through it and see if some rewording n my own part might finally convince Bob that there's an objection or two he needs to address with more than a hand-waving reference to a Bible-verse. (I'd say I'd like to convince the chap he's wrong about something, but let's not set our goals too high, eh?) Continue reading

A Singluar Lack Of Pointedness

Okay, so I've spent three bloody days trying to wrestle something worth discussing out of Bob's latest. Something which, given how limited his actual point is, I could extend into a point of my own and expand on it.

I have got zip, nada, bugger-all, nowt, sweet Fanny Adams.

So okay, Bob thinks that the fall of the church-persecuting Soviet Union is evidence that "the Gospel had triumphed over communism and God had had the last word against those who opposed Him and His word – the Bible." It can't have been caused by human corruption and the failure of the economic system. It must've been God! Continue reading