Some time ago, Gentle Reader, I began to critique the posts of one Robert Hutton, an evangelical Christian person of a Kentish nature. Or possibly vice-versa. Partly because many readers of my regular blog were peeved at his custom of not allowing comments through moderation, and I wanted to give them a space to comment freely on his witterings, as well as copy-pasting comments they made there to somewhere where they would be seen. Partly, also, because Bob provides a good example of the inanity and reactionism of British evangelicals and the like.

It didn't promise to be much of a task, because Bob, up until that point, had only been in the habit of posting two or three times a month. Unfortunately, I think the attention thus garnered has spurred him on to greater efforts; and I find that too many of my posts on religion, secularism and the like have been given over to critiquing Bob. So I've decided to create a separate blog for such activity, in hopes of restoring some normality to my main one.

And this, Gentle Reader, is that blog.

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