All Good Things…

You may have noticed, Gentle Reader, that this blog has been somewhat silent of late. Basically, critiquing the Broadstairs Buffoon, like shooting fish in a barrel, can only be fun or interesting for a while. And pulling Bob The Boy Blunder’s posts apart doesn’t even result in a fish & chips meal.

Should Bobberty ever develop a vestige of creative talent, I might take this up again, but for the nonce I shall be letting it hang.

I’d like to thank all those who’ve followed or commented here. It was fun while it lasted! Anyone who’s masochist enough to actually enjoy my inane rantings, and who doesn’t already know of it, may find my regular blog, The Dixie Flatline, equally enjoyable.


3 thoughts on “All Good Things…

  1. I’m sorry this one and only faculty to reply to Hutton’s idiocy publicly will be no more. But thanks for having done it at all, Daz.


  2. I agree with AgentCormac that it will be sad to see this go but I understand your reasons Daz, after a while it just gets tiresome continually pointing out to deadheads like Bob where they are wrong.


  3. I will miss it but admire your stoicism and stamina for wading through so much of Bob’s inane drivel.

    I doubt he will ever change and “arguments” such as “you have been blinded by the devil” only show what a fool this guy is, it is a bit like a favourite of Ken Ham who uses the “were you there” “argument” – the last resorts of pathetically inept debaters whose personal agendas are far more important than the people they are either trolling or trying to brainwash.


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