Atheists, Please Dispose Of Chick Tracts In The Approved Manner

Bob's unhappy that someone he foisted a tract upon dropped it in disgust and walked off. Diddums.

If in the street, you're given a tract,
You have the choice to give it back
Or throw it in a rubbish-bin
Or roll it up with ganja in
Or hang it on the toilet wall
For use when nature makes a call
Or make an origami crane
Or a paper aeroplane
Or wedge a wobbly kitchen table
Or laugh at it, if you are able;
But throw it to the ground? Please, no!
Littering is wrong, you know.


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6 thoughts on “Atheists, Please Dispose Of Chick Tracts In The Approved Manner

  1. He has been blinded and enslaved by the devil, he is in the hands of the devil in the same way that a mouse is under the control of a cat that torments it.

    Hutton, living in a fantasy world populated by imaginary beings and creatures, is clearly in desperate need of psychiatric help. Personally, I think the young person who chucked the tract on the floor showed great restraint. I might have been somewhat more assertive in my response to being harangued in the street by a lunatic.


  2. The filthy JWs have started touting for business at Railway stations, If I have time and enough space, I take as many of their awful publications, leaflets etc as I can and put them in my recycle bin. I think it is worth everyone doing this, it will not stop them but it will cost them money having to replace all of the recycled garbage they produce.


  3. By ‘eck, they don’ mess about in Ramsgate, do they. Drop litter in most towns, they’ll fine you £50-100. Do in Ramsgate, they’ll send you to Hell.


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