A Singluar Lack Of Pointedness

Okay, so I've spent three bloody days trying to wrestle something worth discussing out of Bob's latest. Something which, given how limited his actual point is, I could extend into a point of my own and expand on it.

I have got zip, nada, bugger-all, nowt, sweet Fanny Adams.

So okay, Bob thinks that the fall of the church-persecuting Soviet Union is evidence that "the Gospel had triumphed over communism and God had had the last word against those who opposed Him and His word – the Bible." It can't have been caused by human corruption and the failure of the economic system. It must've been God!

What can I say? He's wrong.

And, of course, if the Communist system hadn't collapsed, Bob would be citing it as evidence of persecution as predicted by the Bible, so that would've been God too.

Either way, Bob's on a rhetorical winner, provided we buy into his fairy-tale.

Ho hum.

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5 thoughts on “A Singluar Lack Of Pointedness

  1. How easy it is to attribute whatever you want to whichever brand of god you want to and then deny its involvement in anything that might make it seem impotent or uncaring or plain not there at all. God brought down the entire Soviet empire single-handed? Of course he did! God helped some overpaid footballer score the winning goal? Of course he did! God saved a couple from a tornado which, inexplicably, killed all their neighbours? Of course he did! God, not doctors, stopped such-and-such from dying of their life-threatening illness? Of course he did! God created the 2012 Japanese tsunami which killed over 15,000 people? Oh, erm, apparently not. That was us sinful humans. Or so my local vicar said at the time.


  2. Daz, for once I actually read Bobbie-boys wittering in full. I do not know how you do it regualrly and stay sane.

    AC, your line “God saved a couple from a tornado which, inexplicably, killed all their neighbours?” reminded me of the US news reporter getting a bit flummoxed whe he spoke to Rebecca Vitsmun.

    Perhaps Bobbie-boy could tell us while this vile atheist and her son survived while a load of religious people were killed. Perhaps, don’t bother, I know the calibre of your answers.


  3. Stephen Mynett – it was precisely the Rebecca Vitsmun incident I had in mind when I included that point. Well spotted!


  4. OK Bob, let’s try to be serious here.

    First off, I think you’ll find many people suffered in communist Eastern Europe for many reasons, possibly the least of which were religious ones. Similarly, the Bible was probably the least important force for overthrowing these regimes. Political and economic forces were by far the most important factors.

    Finally, the biggest threat to Biblical Christianity is Biblical Christianity itself. As people become better educated, as science and technology continue to make massive strides forward in our understanding of how the universe really works, so the less relevant ancient books written by relatively ignorant people become. When you can find on the internet information on just about any topic, books like the Bible become increasingly irrelevant. As we have pointed out many times, and as much as you pretend to deny it Bob, the Bible is just so wrong in so many ways.

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