You've just enough free will, says Bob,
To choose custard creams or choccy hob-nobs.
If the Lord don't choose to gather you in
Then the devil will blind you and lead you to sin.

You have no choice, come what may.
God saves who he will, turns the others away.
But those who God chose to ignore,
The devil has blinded, of that Bob's sure.

Y'know, when the Boy Blunder talks of his god choosing who he will allow to see the light and who he won't, I'm sure he's being sincere. When he talks of those who haven't seen the light, having been blinded by the devil, as in his latest offering, I'm sure he's equally sincere.

It's just that he's never actually put the two concepts together and spotted the obvious contradiction.

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15 thoughts on “Compartmentalisation

  1. It’s just that he’s never actually put the two concepts together and spotted the obvious contradiction.

    Wouldn’t putting those two opposing concepts together result in an explosion of some magnitude, with serious consequences for East Kent?


  2. Oh dear, Bob. It started off so well. For the first couple of paragraphs, you were quite reasonable and cogent. Then suddenly, BOOM! Mad Bob appears and we get the usual depraved mess and descent into lunacy.

    And frankly, Bob, the rest of this is quite disgusting. To say that non-Christians are more oppressed than the millions of people who suffer real oppression is just nasty and selfish. As much as I am offended by what you say, I am prepared to forgive you because I know that it may not be your fault. You clearly need psychiatric treatment. But you show from the start of your post that you do have moments of lucidity, and I would like to appeal to the reasonable Bob to apologize to those innocent victims of real tyranny for insulting them so viciously.


  3. Hey Daz: there are NO contradiction in my statements as I will explain. The devil has blinded people and enslaved them. Humanly speaking no-one will believe unless God gives them the enabling (see John 6 v 65). He does this by revealing the truth to them by the Holy Spirit, then draws them to repententance and faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

    Anyone who comes to Jesus will NOT be turned away (John 6 v 37).

    I don’t see how there is any contradiction in that.


  4. Just after posting at 9-05am I noticed the comments from Dave Godfrey – the innocent victimes of tyranny have suffered, and are suffering. However, the victims of the devil (those blinded and enslaved) will suffer torments for all eternity if they don’t get saved.


  5. Sorry Bob, but I only deal with the real world. Fantasy I reserve for entertainment.

    Just as a matter of interest, it appears that if there is any religious persecution in the USA, the ones suffering are the enlightened ones

    I’ve also just signed a petition calling for two ex-Muslim atheists to remain in this country rather than being sent back to Pakistan where they face death or imprisonment for the absurd crime of apostasy


  6. Hey Dave

    I, too, have signed the petitiion (if you don’t believe me check out the list). Although I strongly disagree with atheism, I disgaree more with people being killed for their belief, or non-belief.


  7. Dave

    Thanks for the reminder Dave.I saw that petition in my inbox a couple of days back just as I was closing the PC down—then it got buried under newer emails the next time I re-opened Thunderbird.


    Ah, thanks Bob. So God is intentionally allowing the devil to blind people.

    Why, then, do you continually tell people who disagree with you that the devil has blinded them, when it would be more honest of you to tell them that God has deliberately thrown them into the devil’s arms?


  8. Hey Daz: God doesn’t force people not to believe; in their natural state people have been blinded, but God, in His great and kind mercy, opens the eyes of people and draws them to repentance and faith in Christ.

    I would strongly encourage you to go onto Amazon and buy “No-one, when Jesus says it He means it” By J D Wetterling, it is only a few quid but it may lead to your salvation.


  9. God, in His great and kind mercy, opens the eyes of people and draws them to repentance and faith in Christ.

    And those whose eyes he doesn’t open? You do realise that what you’re saying is that God is directly responsible for people remaining sinners, yes?

    Thanks, but no thanks for the recommendation. If there were a god to be saved from, it might be worth a few quid. Given there is, in all likelihood, no such being, you might as well be offering me a copy of the quidditch rule-book.


  10. Bob. Your god is a strange old monster, isn’t he? He has the power to stop all this blinded nonsense, but doesn’t bother; allows the devil to blind us all (presumably for a second time) but does nothing to intervene; and then sends us all to a pit of fire for staying in the ‘natural state’ to which he himself presumably ‘condemned’ us when he did the dirty on Adam and Eve. Why does’t he just get on with it, cure this strange blindness of which you speak and then it’s happy days all round? Or do you think he’s toying with us, the way a cat does with a mouse, just to extract the most terror, pain and suffering that he can?

    There is, of course, another explanation – could it be that the whole thing is just a load of old bollocks and you’ve fallen for it hook, line and sinker?


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